About Us

After years of internal R&D into automated web-accessibility techniques, we built the F123 Access system. That system combines a sophisticated browser extension, and a central data-server and configuration control.

The motivation for F123 Access is to bring accessibility fixes direct to users without the need for a website to take action. Our accessibility fixes are implemented as javascript overlays which are downloaded by our users and applied by our browser extension.

We have now taken that a step further and can offer those overlays to those websites who are willing to act, and cannot afford or undertake modification of their underlying web software.

With our head-quarters in California, partners in Latin America and accessibility testers throughout the world we bring a focussed, expert and lean approach to improving website accessibility.

The LouderPages vision is to get out there and get things done. Things that matter. We want to focus on key accessibility issues, and where they are most needed.