Customized for the Screen-Reader

Let Us Tailor a Website to You!

For a website of importance to you, we can tailor our Dynamic Accessibility scripts to your preferences and deliver them direct to your web-browser.  We address not just formal accessibility issues, but improvements in usability through re-organization of the web-pages’ layout and content.

Other website visitors do not see your particular accessible configuration unless, like you, they are using our service and have chosen the same configuration as you.

If the website is not controlled by your employer and not otherwise engaged with us, we need to take heed of any possible re-designs which might be made in future by the website.    Our dynamic scripts will remain effective as the content of the website is updated, but may need modification when any structural re-design occurs. Websites do not re-design their structure very often.

Let us know of a website or web-application which is important to you and which is hard to use because of either accessibility issues or what we call useability issues – things are hard to find, in the wrong order, surrounded by clutter, and so on.

We will take a quick look at the site and give you an indication of how much work might be involved. If you are interested we then work through three steps:

  1. We conduct a “Gap Assessment” of those features you need and which are present but not accessible on a third-party website. We include in this those interactions with the website which just take too much effort.
  2. We propose set of options, not just for repair,  but to improve usability.
  3. We agree the options with you and then deliver them through a web-browser extension which you install in your FireFox or Chrome browser (Microsoft Edge is in the planning stage.)

Note that the web site being improved is not involved directly in this process.  If the website belongs to your employer, they might prefer to take our website service route.

If there is a group of you all needing better access to a website, then the costs can be shared.