Website Services

Audit and Recommendations

We offer the following three services:

  • Conduct fast and efficient audits of a website’s accessibility.
  • Produce concise and clear reports. (WCAG 2.0 or Section 508)
  • Give specific recommendations on how to improve usability and repair inaccessible features.

Filling the Gaps and Building-in Accessibility

If the recommendations can easily be implemented within your Content Management System’s HTML generator, then your developers or ours can make those additions.

For essentially dynamic elements – such as menus and AJAX – which require javascript modifications and additions, we can provide customized versions of our javascript libraries to do the job.

Even for non-dynamic elements which your CMS could be modified to implement, it will usually prove more efficient,  instead  to implement those elements also using our  javascript libraries.

  • Our contention is that for other than the simplest Content Management Systems, accessibility can be built in much more smoothly using our Javascript.